Over the years we’ve remembered in many ways. You would be 56 today. 9 years ago today we released you to the wind. Your talent, intelligence, tenacity and strength live on through your children (in different ratios lol) and we know you’re never far away.


In times of absolute darkness you showed us light. In weakness you taught us strength. In chaos you taught us to seek peace. In fear you taught us courage. In bedpans and doctor’s offices you allowed us to laugh. And, as anyone who met you knows, in pain and loss you taught us to hug every person we could get our arms around and when your arms no longer worked you taught us hugging was still possible even if it was hard. You are not forgotten. Your fight is not forgotten. And your birthday will always be a day we celebrate knowing the was a date that set in motion the possibility of your greatest gift – the children existing.

Happy Birthday Gary. Through you, we started our journey to who we are. Her in Boone where we left your ashes. And hi aiming for an engineering school you’d be proud of.